Yakitori Takumi Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our food, and our work ethic, are based upon the core beliefs of Japanese tradition – to be humble and self-aware, and to offer gratitude and respect so that we always may improve.

In Takumi we endeavour to provide value by providing “a selfless, harmonious, educative dining and working environment” by delivering the highest quality products and learning’s to our customers and team members.

Yakitori Takumi Our Restaurant

Our Restaurant

Founded in 2004, Yakitori Takumi is the 1st yakitori specialty izakaya in Australia.

Takumi is a typical traditional yakitori-ya set up, providing counter seating around the kitchen area for individuals or couples, and more private booths are for larger groups.

We are proud to produce all our own sauces, seasonings and preparations each day by hand sourcing our fresh produce from the Adelaide Central Market.

Our extensive menu offers many reasonably priced entrée sized items, designed to offer a wide range of flavours, and textures, and gradually builds in size and budget: Tapas, Japanese style!

We love to serve fine food unpretentiously in a casual and simple environment.



A simple, casual, and lively dining environment.  Dining without ego, but with respect and appreciation for the people and simple food around you.  A selfless and fun dining environment.

Yakitori Takumi Our People

Our People

Yakitori Takumi celebrates our shared experiences – combining all that is offered by our customers, suppliers, staff, and environment.  We wish for our friends and family to reconnect, to support each other, and all grow together in a selfless, harmonious, educative dining experience.