Yakitori, Yesterday, Today and for Tomorrow

Direct translation of Yakitori is, Yaki = Barbeque, Tori = Chicken. But the name Yakitori was kept to represent the various kinds of other meat on the bamboo skewers, cook on grill from Japan. Poultry was a luxury food back in the Meiji Restoration (1868) period. The skills of Yakitori… READ MORE


Yakitori Izakaya

What is Izakaya [ee-ZAH-ka-ya] Direct translation is Alcohol House. Pub / Tapas Bar / Bistro in English term, or after work drinking place. It began with the original sake shops (Japanese rice wine shop), for customers to dine in during the Edo Period, 1603-1868. Izakaya also known as Akachochin [Aka-cho-chin]… READ MORE