Yakitori Izakaya


What is Izakaya [ee-ZAH-ka-ya]

Direct translation is Alcohol House. Pub / Tapas Bar / Bistro in English term, or after work drinking place. It began with the original sake shops (Japanese rice wine shop), for customers to dine in during the Edo Period, 1603-1868. Izakaya also known as Akachochin [Aka-cho-chin] among the Japanese, because of the red paper lanterns traditionally found in front of the shop. This type of casual dining areas are also commonly found in the back streets, or small laneways throughout Japan. This is one of the most popular dining cultures in Japan, and it is getting more popular globally.

Izakaya normally serve small simple and well balanced food for sharing, both from the grill through to cold salad. Food and drinks are ordered throughout the course session as desired. Depend on the prefecture, they serve local fresh produce and preferences. i.e Red Miso from Kanto Area (Tokyo) and White Miso from Kansai Area (Osaka). Rather the foods and the drinks are the star for the night, Izakaya is an environment for the dinners to shine among their groups of friends or as individuals. This is not only a dining place, but is a dining culture, where diners have opportunities to reconnect and unwind themselves with their friends and family, sometimes strangers sitting together, in this busy and hectic world, yet to respect and care for each other on the dining table.

Yakitori [Ya-ki-to-ri]

Direct translations is barbeque chicken pieces on bamboo skewers. Yakitori cuisine is 1st appeared in Meiji Era, 1868. Yakitori has become the cuisine style where not only chicken are used, but pork and beef are quite common. Yakitori Takumi is the 1st yakitori specialty bar in Australia, 2004. Takumi setup is a typical traditional yakitori bar set up, where counter seating around the kitchen area for individual or couple dinners, where booths are for bigger group. We produce our own sauces, seasoning and preparations by sorting out fresh produces from Adelaide Central Market every single day.